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16th April 2024
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19th April 2024
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July 2024

PAN INDIA Connections

About the meetup

The Bharat DtoC Meetup brings together the entrepreneurs, innovators and enablers who will shape this transformation. We will unite India's brightest eCommerce minds - from DtoC disruptors to logistics gurus - to collaborate and lead online commerce into the future.
Charting multiple cities with power-packed sessions, discover how pioneers are leveraging analytics, automation and emerging tech to build future-proof online businesses. Dig into case studies from DtoC unicorns on launching and scaling digital-first brands. Learn proven strategies to boost ROI across digital marketing, social commerce, online payments and more.
The Bharat DtoC Meetup will catalyze connections through curated networking events. Meet stakeholders across the retail value chain to forge partnerships that enhance reach and profitability. Interact with policymakers and industry associations steering a supportive regulatory environment.

Key Insights for Attendees

From Manufacturing to Direct-to-Consumer
Latest Technology Trends to increase business growth
Comprehensive Marketing Strategies for SMBs
Optimizing Fulfillment and Customer Service
Financial Opportunities in D2C
Navigating Marketplace & Social Commerce
Enhancing Digital and Operational Resilience
Empowering and enhancing CX performance
Strengthen the Team for next level D2C Wave
Future of Ecommerce & D2C Brands

Who Must Attend


Industry professionals involved in the production and manufacturing of goods looking to optimize processes and stay competitive in the market.

Start ups/ Unicorns/ Soonicorns

Founders, executives, and team members of innovative and fast-growing companies interested in learning about the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities in the startup ecosystem.

Shipping, logistics, and last-mile delivery

Professionals working in transportation, supply chain management, and last-mile delivery seeking to discover new technologies, best practices, and solutions for streamlining operations.


Businesses and individuals engaged in international trade aiming to stay informed about the latest regulations, market trends, and strategies for expanding global reach.


Owners, managers, and employees of small and medium-sized businesses looking to gain valuable insights, network with peers, and discover new tools and resources for growth and success.

Social commerce and D to C brands

Marketers, entrepreneurs, and professionals involved in social media-driven commerce and direct-to-consumer brands interested in learning about the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in this rapidly evolving space.


Chozha Naachiar Rajasekar

President, Tamil Chamber of Commerce

Samriddhi Bhattacharya

Country Director, Small Business Solutions, Dell Technologies

Sandipan Ray

Director, SMBConnect

Chandran Krishnan

Managing Director & CEO - Campus Angels Network

Shyam Sekar S

Chief Mentor and Strategist, Startup Xperts

Rajeev Banduni

Co-founder and CEO, GrowthEnabler Global

Surya Prakash

Founder, Wiser By The Mile


Director, Playtoddz Toys

Vivek Loganathan

EVP Growth, Social Beat

Mahesh Ramachandran

Founder, CIGS Tech Innovations

Mayur Bhat

Head of Marketing, FableSquare

Mridul Srivastava

Founder Director, Marketing Works

Sukumar Sreenivasan

D2C Brand Journey Sukumar Sreenivasan - CEO & Co Founder

Kiru Maikkapillai

Founder, The Divine Foods- D2C Brand Journey

Dr. Jacob Crasta

Founder, The Divine Foods- D2C Brand Journey

Srinita Mitra

Venture Manager, Gray Matters Capital

Varun Jhaveri

Managing Partner, Evernile

Vittal Shetty

Member of board advisors, Suco Bank

Indraneel Dutt

Product Manager, Novopay

Ankit Dash

Senior Manager, Simpl

Mangal D Karnad

Co-Founder FableSquare

Saibal Biswas

SVP & Head of Marketing, Medibuddy


Vice President and Sales Head, Assiduus Global Inc

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