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Dell Collaborates with International Governments to Address AI Ethics

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2024/05/29 15:33 pm

Dell Technologies is teaming up with governments worldwide to tackle the ethical challenges posed by artificial intelligence (AI). According to a report from the Economic Times, this collaboration aims to combat issues like deepfakes, fraud, and biases associated with AI technology.

Jeff Boudreau, Dell's chief AI officer, emphasized the importance of balancing innovation with responsibility in the face of expanding data and potential threats. He highlighted the company's commitment to leveraging technology for positive outcomes and working closely with governments to establish ethical guidelines and protocols.

The focus on addressing AI misuse is timely, especially with the rapid advancement of generative AI leading to concerns about deepfake proliferation and misinformation. Boudreau mentioned collaborations with government agencies in countries like Italy, the United States, and France to tackle these challenges head-on.

He said the use cases of GenAI among customers range from determining if individuals have purposely damaged one’s vehicles to filing fraudulent insurance claims. “The good news is this technology is great at finding that as well. So, you can recognise if it was altered or not,” Dell’s chief AI officer said.

One notable application of AI technology mentioned by Boudreau is its role in identifying and preventing fraudulent activities, such as insurance scams. By analyzing data and detecting alterations, AI can help identify instances of fraud, providing a valuable tool in combating illicit activities.

In addition to its efforts in AI ethics, Dell recently unveiled a new lineup of AI-enhanced PCs featuring Qualcomm processors. Looking ahead, the company is also gearing up to release a new server equipped with Nvidia's latest chips, aiming to capitalize on the growing demand for AI-powered solutions in both the PC and server markets.

The rapid development of AI, particularly generative AI, has governments around the world scrambling to control it. The lack of regulations has given bad actors a free hand to spread misinformation and disinformation.

The abuse of AI is a major topic of discussion in India, especially as it holds elections, the largest democratic exercise on the planet. The use of generative AI to create new content, including “deep fake” videos that replicate faces and voices, is rampant. Many experts are referring to India’s general elections as the first “AI election.”

India does not have statutory rules or regulations that directly regulate AI. In recent months, just before the elections kicked off, it asked tech companies to seek its nod before publicly launching “unreliable” or “under-tested” generative AI models or tools. However, the central government may choose a middle path for AI regulation similar to what it did with recent technology laws, such as data protection.


Article Source – The Economic Times, Indian Express

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