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Goa's Startup Ecosystem Sees a 33% Rise in Women Entrepreneurs

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2024/05/21 18:29 pm

In today’s fast-paced world, the pace of transformation is unstoppable. We are living in an era of rapid progress, where new ideas and ventures, including those led by women in startups, are being embraced with remarkable speed. As we navigate this global landscape, we encounter both challenges and opportunities that require innovative solutions. This highlights the crucial role of startups in driving progress and addressing the needs of our changing world.

In the ecosystem, the status quo has existed for a while, but this trend is shifting thanks to the determined efforts of women who are breaking barriers and achieving remarkable success. The vibrant startup scene has given rise to a new crop of women entrepreneurs who are playing a crucial role in driving India’s economic progress.

The Women in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER) reveals a substantial increase in the number of women-led startups, up to 18% between 2017 and 2021. It is widely recognized that women entrepreneurs make substantial contributions to the economy and play a crucial role in cultivating a dynamic and inclusive entrepreneurial landscape.

The rising number of women entrepreneurs is driving substantial business and economic expansion in the country, driving demographic shifts and inspiring the next generation of female founders.

Moving from a national to a regional perspective, Goa is emerging as a preferred destination for startups. Women have played a crucial role in driving innovation and growth within the startup ecosystem. Remarkably, 33% of these startups were founded by female entrepreneurs. This remarkable statistic underlines the growing prominence of women entrepreneurs in Goa’s startup ecosystem.

Through initiatives such as the Goa Startup Yatra, Startup Goa programs, Masterclasses, Founder’s Club, Corporate Startup events and First Friday with the Design community, the Department of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, the Government of Goa has made significant progress in empowering young people, entrepreneurs and cultivating self-sustaining enterprises.

These initiatives reflect the government’s commitment to promoting innovation, supporting startup ecosystems and facilitating the growth of Goa’s entrepreneurial landscape.

With a commitment to building a robust startup ecosystem, the ministry aims to incentivize local entrepreneurs, making Goa the most preferred startup destination in the region.

The presence of 76 startups with female founders or co-founders out of 225 registered startups in Goa illustrates the significant progress women have made in the tech industry and startup ecosystem. Among these startups are notable examples such as ASIER Solutions, I-Assist, Blurb Consultancy, Goenkart Digital World, Make it Happen, Tea Trunk, Contractzy and many others.

Goa’s rise as a startup destination is underlined by its growing connectivity, advancing physical infrastructure and proactive support from the Startup and IT Promotion Cell (SPC), a government initiative aimed at streamlining administrative processes.

In collaboration with incubators, the SITPC facilitates startups at various stages of development, thus contributing to the creation of a dynamic startup ecosystem. The SITPC serves as the crucial representative of the government and leads all startup policy-related efforts in the state, positioning itself as the primary interface for startup-related initiatives.

An entrepreneur in Goa expresses his gratitude for the phenomenal support they are receiving. Ms. Gautami Raikar, Founder of Contractzy: “The support we have received has been great. From day one, we are encouraged to keep innovating and making things easier for people. The Goa government has always been there and encouraged young entrepreneurs to succeed. With their startup policy, more women will join the startup ecosystem.”

Ms. Supriya Malladad, Founder, of Rachane Engineering Solutions, enthusiastically shared, “Our startup offers solutions tailored to the hospitality sector. Known as a hospitality hub, Goa is the perfect location to launch our business. Moreover, the assistance of the FiiRE Incubation Centre, which focuses on Tourism Tech in Goa, along with the events organized by the Goa Startup Mission for fostering the startup ecosystem, has facilitated networking and provided valuable insights into the local market.”

Adding to the startup journey, Ms. Maria Victor, the Founder of Make It Happen, shared her experience: “Make It Happen is more than just a travel platform – it is a movement to preserve the soul of Goa. We offer immersive experiences that go beyond the typical tourist trail, from heritage walks to culinary adventures, all curated to showcase the rich culture of our community. By connecting travellers to local talent and promoting sustainability, we are reshaping tourism for the benefit of both visitors and the places they explore.

We have received tremendous support from the local communities, the youth and homegrown businesses in Goa who have joined our team and worked with us to build an ecosystem.

for sustainable tourism. With over 35,000+ travellers served and 30 unique experiences across Goa, Diu and the Nilgiris. Our more than 70 local hosts promote a sustainable local economy through stories and music.”

Ms. Moksha, Co-Founder of Goenkart, India’s largest women e-commerce entrepreneur in Goa, said, “Our goal at Goenkart is to help Goan women entrepreneurs market their businesses to a wider audience. It is the first platform of its kind in Goa, allowing women to sell their products and services not only locally but also nationally and internationally. We are grateful for the support from the Government of Goa, which has helped us access government grants.”

In Goa’s vibrant startup ecosystem, the rise of women entrepreneurs is not just a trend; it is a transformative journey characterized by empowerment and innovation. With an impressive representation of 33%, women are reshaping the entrepreneurial landscape and driving economic growth. Their stories of success, resilience and collaboration serve as inspiration not only for today’s generation, but also for aspiring female founders of tomorrow.

The Ministry of Information Technology, Electronics and Communications, Government of Goa plays a crucial role in fostering this inclusive environment and provides support and resources to women entrepreneurs. As Goa strengthens its position as a hub for startups, women entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity and leveraging the state’s support and dynamic environment to turn their dreams into reality. With each success, the future for women in Goa’s startup ecosystem looks brighter and more exciting.


Article Source – Women in India’s Startup Ecosystem Report (WISER)

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