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Gurugram Startup Copartner Launches Platform Providing Daily Free Calls from SEBI Registered Analysts

2024/06/05 18:10 pm

Copartner, a recently launched platform founded by Saksham Agrawal, is set to transform the way Indian traders navigate the market. Launched on June 4, 2024, Copartner offers a solution by providing daily free calls with SEBI-registered analysts.

Copartner provides 2-3 daily free calls featuring a diverse range of SEBI-licensed analysts. “We believe that every trader deserves access to high-quality, trustworthy advice,” says Saksham Agrawal, CEO of Copartner. “Our platform bridges the gap between traders and analysts, fostering collaboration and growth for everyone involved.”

In today’s stock market, reliable information and advice are crucial for making informed investment decisions. Understanding this need, Copartner provides traders with a trusted partner who can help them navigate the complexities of the market. Its innovative method has the potential to change the way people invest and manage their portfolios.

Copartner’s intuitive platform allows investors to browse through a variety of calls, covering different sectors, market trends, and investment opportunities. Its focus on transparency shines through in its rigorous vetting process. All analysts on the platform are SEBI-licensed, guaranteeing that users get competent guidance from credible individuals.

This user-friendly interface makes it easy to track favourite analysts, follow recommendations, and stay updated on market trends. The process of signing up on the platform is quick and easy, allowing traders to access valuable insights in just a few steps.

Copartner is a community where people can learn and grow together, Traders can browse profiles, review analyst performance metrics, and directly engage with them – all within a single, user-friendly interface.


Article Source – Copartner Press Release

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